7 Ajaw 3 Kej (November 10, 2016): Ojer Maya Tz’iib’ and Rub’ajnikil Tinamït Kaqchikel

7 Ajaw 3 Kej

7 Ajaw 3 Kej. Drawing by Jorge Pérez de Lara.

Dear Friends and Supporters,

This month, Ajpub’ Pablo Garcia reports back to us about the excellent workshop he organized on Ancient Maya Writing for young Kaqchiquel and K’iche’ Maya leaders from villages surrounding Lake Atitlán.

In this time of uncertain change, I want our Maya friends to know that we continue to encourage and support them, and we hope to be able to once again initiate our next funding period for Mini-grants after exploring various funding strategies. In the meantime, we will be reporting back from the various workshops from our previous funding cycle.

All the best,
Michael Grofe, President

Workshop Report
Ojer Maya Tz’iib’ and Rub’ajnikil Tinamït Kaqchikel
Loq’olaj Q’ij Waq’i Kame’ Chuqa’ Wuqu’ Kej
(October 27 and 28, 2016)
by Ajpub’ Pablo García, Maya’ Tz’utujiil Winaq


Tz’oloy Ya’, the name of the municipality of the departmental head, has 16 municipalities on the shores of Lake Atitlán. The communities are made up of K’iche’, Tz’utujiil and Kaqchikel. This first workshop on Ojer Maya Tz’iib’ (Ancient Maya Writing) and Rub’ajnikil Maya’ Tinamït Kaqchikel was coordinated with the Indigenous Municipality of the Municipality of Tz’oloj Ya’. The young participants are leaders in their villages and hamlets, and each of them was selected by the same authorities of these communities. Reference was made to the profile of the participants and their active participation in their community regarding support in the search for protection of their territory and their identity. This workshop was held at the facilities of the Old Wheat Mill, a place dating back approximately 125 years, where we were kindly given space to partake of the Loq’olaj Ruwach’ulew (Nature). Continue reading

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