10 Ajaw 3 Sek (June 23, 2016): Maltiox, Yum Bo’otik, and Gracias de Corazon

10 Ajaw 3 Sek. Drawing by Jorge Pérez de Lara.

10 Ajaw 3 Sek. Drawing by Jorge Pérez de Lara.

As the newly inaugurated president of MAM, this will be my first blog posting, and I wanted to begin by thanking all of our many donors for their generous contributions to help support the Tercer Congreso International de Escritura Jeroglífica Maya. It was a great honor to attend the Congreso last month, and I was especially moved to meet and become friends with so many Maya people who are doing such wonderful work.

Ojer Maya Tz'ib' banner

Ojer Maya Tz’ib’ banner

They are all incredibly grateful for the work we do on their behalf at MAM, and they were very welcoming and hopeful about the future. I was honored not only with the passing of the Jade Celt from Bruce Love—a beautiful replica of the Leiden Plaque—but also with a beautiful stela made by Miguel Jiménez Guzmán, and so many good wishes and congratulations. Continue reading

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