11 Ajaw 8 Kej (November 16, 2015): Our Next Incarnation

11 Ajaw 8 Kej. Drawing by Jorge Pérez de Lara.

11 Ajaw 8 Kej. Drawing by Jorge Pérez de Lara.

Our Next Incarnation
by Bruce Love, Ph.D.

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My dearest readers, colleagues, supporters, and donors;

As we enter into our sixth complete tsolk’in (260-day cycle) since launching our new web site with our new name MAM, on this auspicious day 11 Ajaw I introduce you to our next president, Dr. Michael Grofe, Anthropology professor at Sacramento City College in California, USA.

Last year I was planning to phase out MAM, turning our resources over to Maya colleagues to continue their work in their own right, but I have been convinced otherwise by our own board and executive committee, and I see that we should continue as long as our role is purely service-oriented, not leading but being of service, responding to our Maya colleagues’ requirements, financial and academic. Where they take the lead and express a need, we respond. Continue reading

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