10 Ajaw 3 Mak (December 1, 2012): Ajpub’ García, Maya Tz’utujiil, makes a difference

Dear readers,

Our long-time colleague Ajpub’ Pablo García Ixmatá has given us a report on his activities since returning from the congreso in Valladolid. Workshop themes have been Epigraphy for Beginners, Maya Calendars, and the topic Thirteen Bak’tun.

Participants have included:

  • 100 men and women Maya leaders in Chichicastenango, El Quiché.
  • 150 community and village leaders from Cunen, El Quiché.
  • 20 columnists from the written press.
  • 20 columnists from TV Maya.
  • 125 Tz’utijiil leaders including Ajq’ijab and Iyomab’.
  • 1500 teachers of the Teachers’ Union of the Department of Sololá.
  • 1300 Kaqchikel, Tz’utujiil and Spanish–speaking students from the school district of San Lucas Tolimán.
  • 40 students from the INGEP, University Rafael Landivar.
  • 60 students from the EDP course at the University Rafael Landivar.
  • 70 men and women community leaders from Zacualpa, Quiché.

Sample photos:

Quiché diocese, held in Chichicastenango.


Ajpub’ at the head of the class, University Rafael Landivar.

Students of INGEP, University Rafael Landivar.

Students from EDP course, University Rafael Landivar.

San Lucas Tolimán.

San Pedro la Laguna. On the hill Chi Kaq Jaay.

Cunén. Quiché.

Ajpub’ (right) with colleague Clemente Maximiliano Peneleu Gonzáles (standing) who was a beginner in Valladolid, teaching a class on the calendar.

The list of total participants counts up to 3,385 individuals touched by this one man since the Congreso de Epigrafistas Mayas!