1 Ajaw 3 Mol (August 23, 2012): Crisanto’s Group

Crisanto Kumul Chan from Sisbicchen, Yucatán, is already well known to many of our readers, with more than two decades of experience teaching children and adults the hieroglyphs and calendar (he was the star of the final scene in the film Breaking the Maya Code by Night Fire Films [released in 2008, available at http://www.nightfirefilms.net/store/store.htm]).

When film makers Lebrun and Halpern arrived in Sisbicchen in 2005 they were greeted by Maya children holding a welcome sign in glyphs.

At the Congreso de Epigrafistas Mayas, Crisanto acted as co-host, representing Educación Indígena of the Secretaría de Educación.

Crisanto and members of his team pose for a group shot during a break in the workshops, Gloria Tun and Gregorio Hau on Crisanto’s right and Angeles Couoh to his left.

He brought his own working group to the advanced workshop taught by Zender and Hopkins.

Team members Nubia, Gloria and Angeles work together on the advanced exercises.

With training by Crisanto, and now also from other top epigraphers, Crisanto’s team is ready to begin teaching on their own.

Crisanto and one of his protégés, Gregorio, in the advanced workshop.

At the Wednesday night session where Maya workshop teachers shared their experiences with the whole auditorium, one of his students reviewed the formation of their group.

Nubia Arroyo gives the history of the group.

Apart from epigraphy, in recent years Crisanto has found that schools in Yucatán are eager for him to teach math workshops for young students.

Audience members gather around for a demonstration of Maya math.

Audience members were awed by the speed in which these youngsters could write any number using bars and dots in the vigesimal system.

With 5 in the 400s place, 0 in the 20s and 12 in the 1s, Crisanto’s younger students do Maya math.

In addition to the regular workshop attendees, a number of local parents and children were invited for this special session.

And the next generation is hooked.

2 thoughts on “1 Ajaw 3 Mol (August 23, 2012): Crisanto’s Group

  1. No olvidas que el Popol Vuh tiene bastante información sobre los grifos que se puede leerlos marcdos en las stelae. Es un cuento imposible, pero todo es verdad.

  2. Wow, that’s great. I love the new workers generations, I’m thankful with the teacher Crisanto, ’cause I learned a lot of the mayan epigraphy. And blessing to my old friends Nubia, Angels, Freddy, Gregory, Glory, Lucy & Kike.

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