13 AJAW 3 XUL (July 14, 2012): The Program and the Instructors

At the recently held Congreso de Epigrafistas Mayas, the program handout set the tone by declaring a clear objective, which in fact is a statement of our mission at MAM.

Goal: To disseminate knowledge of the advances made on the decipherment of epigraphic writing and of Maya calendars, as well as to promote the creation of community groups for the dissemination of epigraphic writing, through the exchange of knowledge gained in workshops, forums and study sessions held with already existing groups.

The five-day program beginning Monday, June 11.

We had six instructors. A team from UNAM in Mexico City led the workshop for beginners. Leading the team was Dr. Erik Velásquez García, Researcher at the Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas at UNAM.

Dr. Erik Velásquez holds forth on the opening day in the beginners group.

Dr. Velásquez’ team members included Octavio Q. Esparza Olguín, epigrapher, archaeologist, and graduate student in Programa de Posgrado en Estudios Mesoamericanos at UNAM.

Octavio Esparza, upper right, gives individualized instruction to two students from Belize, Aurelio Sho and Esther Sanchez, directors of Tumul K’in, an all-Maya high school in southern Belize.

Rounding out the team was Maestra María Elena Vega, epigrapher and historian with a Masters degree in Estudios Mesoamericanos at UNAM, and currently in the Doctoral program there.

Mtra. María Elena Vega transcribes a Long Count date.

The advanced group was led by Dr. Marc Zender, Visiting Assistant Professor at
Tulane University and Dr. Nicolas Hopkins, Owner and Operator, Jaguar Tours, Tallahassee, Florida.

Dr. Marc Zender at one of the advanced tables.

In addition to co-teaching the advanced group, Dr. Hopkins gave a special Wednesday lecture to a combined audience of advanced and beginners together, elucidating his and his passed wife Kathryn Josserand’s forte, the literary structure of hieroglyphic texts.

Instructor number six was Dr. Bruce Love, Anthropologist and President of MAM, who gave a half-day seminar on Maya codices for all the students, beginners and advanced combined.

Dr. Love teaches a half-day seminar on the codices.

This team of instructors guided the participants, beginners and advanced, to new levels of understanding in Maya epigraphy, new levels of knowledge that, following the objetivo on the program, will be transmitted to the communities from where they came.

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  1. I can’t say enough to express gratitude to the awesome, dedicated, expert instructors.
    I would love to know more about the communities the attendees are taking these lessons back to. For instance, the Tulum K’in all Maya high school in southern Belize. This sharing/dissemination of cultural heritage is wonderful.

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