12 Ajaw 3 Pop (April 3, 2020): Postponement of the Fifth Congreso

12 Ajaw 3 Pop: Drawing by Jorge Pérez de Lara

Maria Francisca Elias at Yaxha’ during the 3rd International Congreso in 2016.

Given the current circumstances surrounding the global Coronavirus pandemic, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce the postponement of the Fifth International Congreso on Ancient Maya Writing— Ojer Maya’ Tz’ib’—which was scheduled for August 18-21 of this year. The Congreso Planning Committee has agreed to postpone the event until August of 2021, and we at MAM have decided that, in order to protect our Maya colleagues and communities, we will also be canceling this years mini-grant program.

Here is the notification posted by the Congreso Organizing Team:

In solidarity with humanity, which is suffering the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, we informed our Maya sisters and brothers from different towns in Mesoamerica, who have participated in our workshops and conferences, that the Fifth International Congreso on Ojer Maya’ Tz’ib’ in 2020 has been suspended. In addition, the mini-grant workshops in Maya communities have been canceled.

Further, we report that the date of the event will be transferred to be carried out in the same place and date in 2021.

Deep thanks to our supporters for the development of these Congresos, workshops, and conferences, as well as the financing of mini-grants:

Mayas for Ancient Mayan —MAM—and their collaborators. 

Fundación Proyecto Ligüistico, Francisco Marroquin – PLFM and the International Congreso Organizing Team.

To all of you—our extended family of Maya friends, our supporters and contributors, our families and loved ones—and to all humanity, we wish you good health and strength in this time. Together we will re-emerge from this profound moment in history stronger and ever more resolved and committed to our cause. To all of those who have donated to our cause for the upcoming Congreso and mini-grants, we will hold your donations in trust for the next year, or as soon as the timeline will allow us to safely send out an announcement for our next mini-grant program. We hope we will continue to have your support and your dedication, especially as we emerge from this crisis and move into next year with a resounding affirmation to continue our work of supporting our Maya colleagues in their efforts to reconnect to their own history.

Yum B’o’otik and
Sib’alaj Maltiyoox

Michael Grofe, President


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