2 Ajaw 13 K’ayab (February 28, 2019): A New Generation of Aj Tz’iib’ob’: Congratulations to our new mini-grant recipients!

2 Ajaw 13 K’ayab. Drawing by Jorge Pérez de Lara

We are happy to report the nineteen recipients of this year’s Mini-grants! We have some new grantees this year, along with some excellent grantees who have been awarded mini-grants in the past. Both the Pre-Congresos and last year’s Congreso have clearly generated a great deal of new interest in Chiapas and Western Guatemala, and it is wonderful to see the energy and momentum expanding to these areas! Together with the Maya Exploration Center, I will be facilitating another workshop in Belize this summer, and we look forward to working together once again.

We are very proud to have been able to award so many mini-grants to the following twentyone Maya colleages, speaking ten different languages in the Guatemala, Belize, Yucatan, and Chiapas:

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