2 Ajaw 3 Wo (April 24, 2016): One winal to go!

2 Ajaw 3 Wo. Drawing by Jorge Pérez de Lara.

2 Ajaw 3 Wo. Drawing by Jorge Pérez de Lara.

One winal to go!

For any of our readers who might possibly not know what a winal is, it is a twenty-day period in the Maya calendar. You may have noticed that all our blogs occur on the day Ajaw, the twentieth day of a cycle of twenty days (the “j” in Ajaw is pronounced as in Spanish, with an “h” sound, so Ajaw sounds like “a how” as in “how are you?”) Today’s blog, on 2 Ajaw, is twenty days before the end of our fund-raising drive, which also marks the opening day of the Third International Congress of Maya Epigraphers, on 9 Ajaw.

Here is the invitation from the organizers:

Invitation designed by the Maya organizers of the Maya Congress

To spur interest in our campaign we are announcing a new perk, a 25-minute video of the late, famous Linda Schele, one of the founding mothers of teaching Mayas the glyphs. Go to https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/maya-revival–2 to make the contribution.

Linda Schele being interviewed for Breaking the Maya Code

With any new donation of $100 or more, the donor receives a copy of this video, graciously provided to us by Nightfire Films, and described here:

25 minutes of highlights from the 1997 interview for the film Breaking the Maya Code.

In September 1997, a few months before her death, Linda Schele spent three days with archaeologist and historian Michael D. Coe and filmmaker David Lebrun, giving an extended interview that became the starting point for the documentary film Breaking the Maya Code. The interview was an occasion for her to reflect on her career and to take a broad view of the significance of ancient Maya studies.

This DVD contains 25 minutes of interview highlights. The complete interview transcript, as well as transcripts of other interviews conducted for Breaking the Maya Code, can be found at www.nightfirefilms.org