7 Ajaw 8 Sotz’ (June 9, 2015): Epigraphy Event in Coban, Alta Verapaz

7 Ajaw 8 Sotz'. Drawing by Jorge Pérez de Lara.

7 Ajaw 8 Sotz’. Drawing by Jorge Pérez de Lara.

By Marina Rosales López and Mario Sebastián Caal Jucub

General Information

Date: March 28 (12 Kej)

Location: Auditorium of the Instituto Normal  Mixto del Norte “Emilio Rosales Ponce,” Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Coordinators: Marina Rosales López and Mario Sebastián Jucub

Participants: 35 participants and 2 instructors

The Event

First Part:

The workshop began at 8:00 a.m. with an invocation with the participation of thirty-five persons and two instructors. The participants came from five municipalities of the Department of Alta Verapaz being the following: San Juan Chamelco, Carchá, Cobán, San Cristobal Verapaz, and Tactic; the majority were Q’eqchi’ speakers and some Poqomchi’. The participants were for the most part teachers of various grades and students of teaching for primary schools. It took place on this date taking advantage of the recess for holy week the Wayeb’ celebration that happens in the north region of the country. For this reason the event was divided into two parts, the first being calendrical and the second being about the ancient writing. The first part was taught by Mario Sebastián Caal.

Participants and instructors

Participants and instructors

MAM colleague and congreso alumnus Marina Rosales López

MAM colleague and congreso alumnus Marina Rosales López

Subjects covered in the first part were the following:

  • Brief history of the Maya people.
  • The use of the Maya calendar with emphasis on the present and its use in daily life.
  • Brief explanation of the Tzolk’in.
  • Approach to the Ab’ (Haab) calendar and the year bearers.

The method used was lecturing accompanied by projected slides and student participation. Also photocopies were used of instructive materials that served to engage the students at various levels.

Writing exercise

Writing exercise

Second Part:

The second part was taught by Marina Rosales López who used an explanatory method by means of a slide projector for illustration as well as providing photocopies to the participants. Also they did various exercises in which the students worked individually as well as in groups.

Working in groups

Working in groups

The topics covered were the syllabary, organization, and composition, with emphasis on the rules for writing, logograms, emblem glyphs, among others. They did exercises in small groups using the syllabary to write words and their names, and finally using logograms.

Student results

Student results

Achievements and conclusions:

The instructors were committed to developing the students’ skill in accordance with the CNB (the basic national curriculum), and in the case of teachers in training they would use the workshop to develop their teaching skills, also in accordance with the CNB.

Ninety-five percent of the participants were beginners, and of course they wished for a follow-up workshop. In the photo you can see the results produced at the conclusion of the workshop.

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  1. Sahil ch’oolejil Qana’ Marina ut Qawa’ Mario, jwal chaab’il li k’anjel yookex xb’aanunkil aran Kob’an, aajel ru k’anjelak re naq tb’eeresimanq wi’ chik li najter tz’iib’ sa’ li qateepalil jo’ aj Q’eqchi’, b’anyox ajwi’ re li molam MAM naq yo chi tenq’ank re xwotzb’al li na’leb’ a’in. Jo’kan ajwi’ aran El Estor yooko chi xpuktasinkil li najter tz’iib’ re xtawb’al wi’chik li xyehomeb’ ut xb’aanuhomeb’ li qaxe’ qatoon. Un cordial saludo para Qana’ Marina y Qawa’ Mario por la excelente labor que están desarrollando en Cobán, viendo la necesidad de trabajar por retomar el uso del Tz’iib’ en nuestro territorio como mayahablantes Q’eqchi’, agradeciendo también el apoyo de MAM para la socialización de este conocimiento. También en El Estor estamos apoyando en la divulgación del Tz’iib’ para retomar el hilo conductor de la historia de nuestros ancestros.
    Victor Maquin
    victormaquin @ gmail.com

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