6 Ajaw 8 Wo (April 30, 2015): Beginner Workshop for Ancient and Contemporary Maya Writing

6 Ajaw 8 Wo. Drawing by Jorge Pérez de Lara.

6 Ajaw 8 Wo. Drawing by Jorge Pérez de Lara.

Sunday, March 22, in the “city hall” of Kikil, in the municipality of Tizimín, Yucatán.

Two workshops of one hour each took place within the setting of a public celebration of a Ch’a Chaak rain ceremony.

Twenty-two children in total attended the workshop, some at 11 a.m., the others at 2:00 p.m.

It was possible to cover the following: numbers, colors, and the cardinal directions.

The organization PRODETUR of Tizimín provided refreshments for the children, as well as pencils and workbooks.

The Foundation Dondé donated backpacks and the children’s version of the Popol Vuh.

Deira Jiménez and her father, a painter, donated fifteen copies of Maya Numbers of Yesterday and Today for the children.

Many thanks to MAM for all their help.

Photos of Kikil on Sunday, March 22:


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Written by Ana Patricia Martínez Huchim