6 Ajaw 13 Yaxk’in (August 13, 2014): Pan-Maya Connections

6 Ajaw 13 Yaxk'in, drawing by Jorge Pérez de Lara

6 Ajaw 13 Yaxk’in, drawing by Jorge Pérez de Lara

Before completing our coverage of the Second International Congress of Maya Epigraphers, let us enjoy a random collection of images that seems to capture the excitement and intellectual interplay of our Maya colleagues. Seventeen Maya languages! plus Zoque. What an amazing event. Awakateka, Ch’ol, Ch’orti’, Kaqchikel, K’iche’, Maayat’aan (Yucatec), Mam, Mocho’, Mopan, Poqomam, Poqomchi’, Q’anjobal, Q’eqchi’, Tojolab’al, Tseltal, Tsotsil, and Tsutujiil.

Enjoy the pictures!


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