9 Ajaw 18 K’umk’u (March 26, 2014): Letter of Appreciation

Dear readers,

Shortly after the 2012 Congress of Maya Epigraphers in Valladolid, Yucatan, I received this beautiful letter of appreciation from Walter Paz, Maya Kaqchikel. Although it is directed to me, I receive it in your names, all of you who support our work. This is for you.

You glyphers will enjoy sounding out the Kaqchikel syllables of the glyph text across the bottom of the page.


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2 Ajaw 18 K’ayab’ (March 6, 2014): Breaking New Ground

The upcoming Second International Congress of Maya Epigraphers is breaking new ground in providing glyph training to new Maya groups, Mayas previously outside the reach of formal epigraphic training.

Logo for CELALI

Logo for CELALI.

CELALI stands for Centro Estatal de Lenguas, Arte, y Literatura Indígenas (State Center for Indigenous Language, Art, and Literature). CELALI has Casas de Cultura covering the entire state, providing cultural centers for all language groups. This year, the directors of the nineteen casas for the seven Maya languages are invited to the congress. Continue reading

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