8 Ajaw 3 Ch’en (September 12, 2012): The Sak Chuen Group in Action

In this blog we continue our coverage of the Congreso de Epigrafistas Mayas that took place earlier this year in Valladolid, Yucatán, June 11-15. A number of Maya groups were given the chance to show the attendees the work they have been doing in their home communities. One of these groups, as we know from a blog posted earlier in 2012, is the Sak Chuen Group.

In 2011, MAM granted an Epson projector and a cash grant to the Sak Chuen Group, received by Sak Chuen president Romelia Mo’, to help them carry out their mission of glyph workshops in the communities.

In Valladolid the Sak Chuen Group, represented by Romelia Mo’, Iyaxel Cojti, and Igor Xoyon gave a slide show summarizing their work.

Mam colleague Iyaxel, one of the true stars in Maya epigraphy, shared the podium presenting scenes from Sak Chuen workshops.

In the last 2 ½ years they have given workshops in 19 communities, in 10 departments, representing 15 language communities!

A good example was a workshop for these young Q’eqchi’ students in Cobán.

We can guess that this young student’s name is Pol, spelled with the glyphs po and lo.

School children race to the four directions posted in glyphs, making a game of learning the glyphs.

The Sak Chuen Group has developed their own set of workbooks covering beginner, intermediate, and advanced; as well as a special workbook on Maya mathematics.

What is the importance of Maya epigraphy to the Maya? In their own words, culture and identity.

We can be very proud to be part of the support network underwriting efforts by Sak Chuen Group. If only we could do more!

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