3 AJAW 8 K’AYAB (February 25, 2012): The Sak Chuen Center for Maya Epigraphy

The Sak Chuen Center for Maya Epigraphy is a grass-roots effort making a difference in Guatemala.

Romelia Mo’ Isem, Maya Poqomchi’ and MAM colleague, is president and co-founder of the group.

Romelia hosts work sessions at her home in Gutemala City. From the left: Romelia Mo, Camilo Luin, Alejandro Garay, José Valey, Iyaxel Cojti (hidden), Igor Xoyon, Elisandro Garza, y Ajb’ee Jimenez.

In 2011, MAM president Bruce Love delivered two important gifts to Sak Chuen, a cash grant to support glyph workshops in the communities and the loan of a brand new Epson digital projector.

These gifts help the Sak Chuen epigraphy group fulfill their mission:

“To learn about the history and culture of the pre-Hispanic Maya and to recover the cultural legacy they left to humanity, especially to the contemporary Maya population, by means of promoting the knowledge of Maya epigraphy.”

5 thoughts on “3 AJAW 8 K’AYAB (February 25, 2012): The Sak Chuen Center for Maya Epigraphy

  1. Where is The Sak Chuen Center located? Do they have a website? Could you possibly give me their contact details, please?

    • Dear Mr. Brocke,

      The Sak Chuen group is headquartered in Guatemala City. You may contact them through Igor Xoyon at igorxo[@]hotmail.com. Thank you for your interest.

      Bruce Love, President

  2. Excelente, hay que aprender epigrafía, es muy importante descifrar los escritos que nos legaron nuestros antepasados, debe haber muchos secretos que aún no se conocen. Estoy interesado.
    Táaj maálob, yaan k kanik úuchben tsíib maayao’ob. jach k’aabéet xokik tuláakal tsíibo’ob beeta’an tumeen k ch’i’ila’akabil, yaan ya’ab ba’alo’ob ta’aka’an ichil le tsíibo’ob tak bejla’ ma’ k óojeltmai’. In k’aat in kanej.

  3. Actualmente me dedico a dar conferencias, capacitaciones, y realizar documentales en la especialidad de epigrafía en la Cultura Maya. Actualmente estoy en la ciudad de Chetumal Quintana Roo pero soy originario de Lacanjá, Chiapas. Si cree que pueda colaborar con alguna ponencia o taller de epigrafía a nivel básico, intermedio o avanzado, comuníquese con un servidor al correo acancheeqhotmail.com

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