FRIENDS OF THE MAYA work in Belize

Dear colleagues,

Earlier this year (May 2010) I had the absolute thrill of playing ambassador to Belize for Friends of the Maya and opening up Belizean Maya communities to the possibilities of learning hieroglyphic writing and the ancient calendar.

Open facsimile of Madrid Codex with volunteers from the audience (May 6, 2010).

My first stop was University of Belize in Belmopan where I was hosted by Cesar Ross. Cesar took me around campus introducing me to various directors and heads of departments as we worked together to make final arrangements and get the workbooks printed. Continue reading

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Promoting ancient Maya culture and writing in the community of Waxaktuun (Uaxactun), Flores, Peten

2010 SAHI-Uaxactun field season

Aj Xol Ch’ok, Hector Rolando
Maya Q’eqchi’

Uaxactun community (photograph by Héctor Xol. 2010)

Tojo’aq xaq eere ex inxe’ intoonal wankex sa’ li loq’laj najteril tenamit Waxaktun. Tojo’aq xaq aj wi’ eere ex qamama’ qixa’an, ex qana’ qaawa’, ex was wiitz’in aj Waxaktuun. Chi hulaq ta xaq li tuqtuukilal ut cherilaq ta xaq hoon ut hulaj kab’ej li rusilal li loq’laj yu’amej.

We thank the ancestors who live withing this ancient sacred city of Uaxactun. We also thank you, grandmothers/grandfathers, mothers/fathers, elder and younger brethren of Uaxactun. May peace arrive and may you see today and in the future the good that lies in sacred life. Continue reading

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