Report from Verapaz

Report from Verapaz, Guatemala.

In April, 2010, I traveled to San Cristobal, Alta Verapaz, to meet with our colleague Romelia Mo’ at her family home there. Together, Romelia and I traveled to nearby Tactic to meet Augusto Tul Rax, President of the Comunidad Linguistica Poqomchi’, a branch of the Academia Lenguas Mayas de Guatemala.

In the photo, you can see the map on the office wall showing the linguistic area of Poqomchi’ speakers, including small dolls displaying the local traje. The twenty day names of the Maya calendar are displayed on the wall with the local Poqomchi’ names of the days.

Mr. Augusto Tul and I signed a letter of intent, saying I would return the following year with the intention of helping organize and stage introductory workshops on Maya hieroglyphs and the calendar.

(Romelia Mo’ Isem and Augusto Tul Rax, president Communidad Linguistica Poqomchi’, Academia de Lenguas Mayas)

While in the area, I traveled to San Juan Chamelco to the home of our colleague Sebastián Si’ Pop, K’ekchi’ leader, and delivered the set of Research Reports that Dr. Stuart donated to Friends of the Maya. Sebastián could not attend the Maya Meetings in Antigua this year due to a prior commitment as delegate to an international congress on education in the indigenous communities of Latin America. I will be working with Sebastian and his colleague Clara Coxol of the Academia de Lenguas Mayas to organize workshops in the K’ekchi’ communities in the coming years.

From Verapaz, I continued on to Belize.

Bruce Love, President and Field Coordinator for Friends of the Maya.


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