Raquel at Tikal

For a brief update on one of our colleagues, Raquel Macario could not make it to the Maya Meetings in Antigua this year because of her responsibilities at Tikal where she was directing an excavation crew as part of the PSMAT program (Proyecto de Silvicultura y Manejo del Agua de los Mayas Antiguos de Tikal), sponsored by the University of Cincinnati and run under the direction of Arq. Liwy Grazioso, well-known Guatemalan archaeologist. Raquel’s specific task was tracing a manmade waterway to discover its construction and engineering as part of the larger understanding of Tikal’s water management system during the Classic Period.

She has since moved on to work at Rio Azul, again with Arq. Grazioso, as part of the program to stabilize and preserve the famous tombs and other monuments of that remote north-eastern Peten site. The official name of the project is Proyecto Arqueológico del Bajo Azucar – Programa de Intervención de las Tumbas de Río Azul (PABA-PITRA).

Here is a view of the side and back of the temple with the famous painted tomb that was featured in National Geographic some years ago. Racquel is now part of the project preserving that all-important feature.

Entrance to the famous Rio Azul painted tomb, now undergoing consolidation and preservation.


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