Raquel at Tikal

For a brief update on one of our colleagues, Raquel Macario could not make it to the Maya Meetings in Antigua this year because of her responsibilities at Tikal where she was directing an excavation crew as part of the PSMAT program (Proyecto de Silvicultura y Manejo del Agua de los Mayas Antiguos de Tikal), sponsored by the University of Cincinnati and run under the direction of Arq. Liwy Grazioso, well-known Guatemalan archaeologist. Raquel’s specific task was tracing a manmade waterway to discover its construction and engineering as part of the larger understanding of Tikal’s water management system during the Classic Period.

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First Glyph Workshop for Mayas

We, the board of FoM, believe that we are carrying forward the ground-breaking work and legacy of Linda Schele and Kathryn Josserand, both now deceased, and Nicholas Hopkins (a current FoM board member), who gave the very first glyph workshop for Mayan-speaking participants some 23 years ago (please see our History link on our web site http:/www.friendsofthemaya.com). Nick Hopkins recently forwarded to me a copy of the original cover sheet of that workbook, which I am posting here for its historic interest. Continue reading


News item,

We at FoM want to brag that three of our own were picked as representatives to attend this government-sponsored program to finalize the way Mayan of the Yucatán Peninsula is written in contemporary times. We got this letter from Patricia Martinez Huchim last year. She mentions that she, Crisanto and Yolanda (one or our newest colleagues, from Campeche) were all in attendance.

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Information on glyph workshops

Dear Friends of the Maya supporters.

I recently came across this old correspondence from our colleague Antonio Cuxil, and even though it is two years old, I think is important to publish it on our newsletter/blog because it reflects the hard work and successes of Antonio, Lolmay, and Hector, three or our FoM colleagues who are spreading the word on reading glyphs in the Mayan-speaking communities.

Bruce Love

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