PLFM Weekend

Bruce Love, Antigua, Guatemala March 22, 2010

Rarely does a single event transform a field. Such an event was the PLFM workshop held March 20-21, 2010 in Antigua, Guatemala. More than fifty teachers, cultural activists, and spiritual leaders representing more than ten Mayan language groups met for a weekend of learning, teaching and sharing, all centered around the ancient Maya calendar, writing and art. Continue reading

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Maya colleagues at the Antigua meetings

As many of you know, the Texas Maya Meetings moved to Antigua this year, to begin alternating annually between Antigua and Austin. Eleven of our thirteen colleagues were able to come, along with a delegation from the Yucatan public education system.


Nick Hopkins, board member and linguist/anthropologist, attended the advanced glyph group along with Crisanto Kumul, Romelia Mo and Iyaxel Cojti. It is truly wonderful to see Nick back in the workshop-with-Mayan-speakers setting, all these years after he and his wife Kathryn actually started glyph workshops for Mayas back in the 1980s.(please see Acerca de MAM) Continue reading

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